Get your Sidekick!

Sidekick is a multi-network bot powered by Botkit and RiveScript. Sidekick is under active development, and it already works on Twitter and Slack. See how it can help you manage your Slack groups!

Sidekick can monitor Twitter for specific keywords and hashtags. It will then post relevant tweets to a designated Slack channel and if you want, you can easily ask Sidekick to retweet a particular tweet using the ⭐ reaction. ❤ and 👍 are supported as well!

You can easily filter out the tweets based on the account -- and soon based on the content of the tweets!

Sidekick can also retweet tweets from whitelisted accounts (accounts that the bot follows) containing specific hashtags, or tweets that are shared with the bot via a DM.

Sidekick knows how to do many other neat and useful things, like set up polls, move messages to different channels, and more!

You can join the development of Sidekick in our Slack group!

Sidekick is a project, see @fourtonfish ([email protected]) for questions and details.